It won’t be a matter of who deserves it but who will win it.

Zimbabwe is about to have elections by the end of this month. There are two main candidates namely Emerson Dambudzo Munangagwa (75) (Zanu Pf) and Nelson Chamisa (MDC-A). The former is the once vice president of the nation during Mugabe era and is the one that led the coup they claim “it wasn’t a coup”. The other candidate is a 40 year old ambitious, maybe too ambitious who is the President of the MDC-A.

So here is the complex part and why people have to know they are no permanent friends in Politics. The current president is the one who betrayed our former 94 years old dictator. These two have been together ever since before Zimbabwe got it’s independence. The general public is saying that he is the same with the old president and he took part in a genocide that cleared a lot of Ndebele people. The other issue is that they don’t want to put faith in someone who plans a coup and take the throne through the burrel of a gun. For ED the list goes on and on but his justification is that he could not do anything back then because he was working under orders and that was the reason the economy could not change for the better.

On this young man, Nelson first caused the MDC to separate after he violated the party constitution by trying to be the party president after they’re former President died of cancer. The oldest member of the party called Thokozani Khupe was supposed to be the President but she was less popular, female and was from an inferior tribe. So the Party ended up splitting hence taking each other to court to claim the name. Thus, now there’s MDC-A and MDC-T. Another huge problem people have with Chamisa is that he lies, exaggerates and is he’s not realistic but he truly means well for the country and wants the best.

So among these two they both have their downfalls. ED wants to he redeemed of his past and is trying to prove to people that he’s a changed man and is willing to do anything. Nelson is decampaigning Zanu PF and is promising people what they should have had all the 37 years Zanu PF have been in power.

So, there you have it. People have to decide from these two. I just hope whoever is going to win with truly change Zim situation. They should also consider taking Dr Nkosana Moyo who seem to be making sence with their party’s manifesto.

The last question is, will the elections be free and fair and will the current president step down as he says after going through a coup (operation restore order) that took them months to execute???

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